Are Online Casino Slots Legit, or Rigged.

We've always felt it, and maybe some of us still do, as we've spent countless hours and our hard-earned money on a single online slot machine only to walk away empty-handed. Sure, the slot machine might pity you and let you earn a few bucks here and there to keep you going by offering you some hope, but in the end, it seems like the machine has betrayed you. For more information, about legitimate slots games go to .

Do you ask yourself if the machine was rigged?

If it was some kind of fly-by-night operation, you likely were, but if it was a legitimate online casino, it has to be a no in all fairness. You were the victim of a machine with low and high variation, a victim of not a "fixed" machine. And, since it's possible you were duped on an online slot, we'll never know how poor the variation is on their computers as they're not allowed to disclose their payback percentages. Tips to know is it legit are

  • Stick with established software providers
  • Check whether or not the online casino is regulated
  • Check that the slot game is certified

And, in the grand scheme of things, we're all expected to lose more cash than we gain when we play slot machines, so why would any casino rig their machines when they are already making hand over fist cash by offering fair games to players? If an online casino's primary objective was to defraud players of their profits, I'm sure news will spread fast about the ethics and integrity of the casino, which eventually caused them to be black-listed.

Overall, it's bad for business because online casinos rely on new sign-ups. So, how can you stop slipping into the online casino pit of literally throwing away your money with no reasonable chance of earning big? The answer is simple: partner with trusted websites that use reliable private auditors to verify the RNGs and payout ratios of the casino. Some casinos will also allow the auditor's reports to be published. Many skeptics may contend that the casino management may bribe the auditors in exchange for a favorable report.

Perhaps, but we will never know, so why not give those who do publish their RNGs and payment figures the benefit of the doubt if they tend to have nothing to hide? Doesn't it make more sense, in the long run, to run a business, in this case, a casino, the right way, when it would be more lucrative than a "gain today, lose tomorrow" casino?. Available on our website are list of reputable online Casinos with their reviews.